In these first 18 months of work, we have achieved important milestones. But we don’t even feel halfway there yet.

To accomplish our mission in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time, we have been gathering more and more knowledge about the project and our approach over time.

Here are some insights on HYBA:

People First

Our project would have never happened without our people.

Hyba is made of professionals and entrepreneurs coming from different companies and institutions like General Electric, Baker Hughes, Lamborghini, FCA, EU, and many others.
Hyba’s team comes with a structured combination of Sales, Services, M&A, Finance, Product Development, and ENG competencies.
The idea went from being a sketch on a piece of paper to 3 prototypes in less than 18 months.

We solve our customers’ problems

Hyba did not start from a certain product and tried to adapt it to the needs of our customers.
We listed the EV OEM and End Users problems first and then we designed the solution to address them.
During the last week, the team spent hours and hours with potential customers (almost 80 to be precise) and they did confirm that Hyba’s mix of products and services is the one they need.

Mistakes are good

The project could have never progressed without making mistakes. Or without being pushed back several times.
This helped us to be pragmatic and rethink our positions from different angles.
This helped to evolve as a team and to develop the right combination of products and services.

HYBA is a battery system service provider

The main issue of the EV market is that the core of all those applications, the battery, is still managed as a product.
While the EV OEM as well as the End Users see it as a complicated-to-be-managed commodity. They would love to delegate somebody else to take care of the associated R&D, replacements, upgrades, etc.
Here is where Hyba Ltd comes from.

Keep the Business Model Simple and Lean

  • Hyba sells to the EV OEM the integration ENG services to host our battery system for free.
  • The EV OEM hosts our solution and uses Hyba’s battery system for free too. They can then detract the battery cost from their price and become more competitive.
  • The “exchange this favor” by selling our battery rental contract to the End Users. Similar to what you do when you lease your iPhone from AT&T or Vodafone together with their phone services.
  • The End User will pay a monthly fee and delegate to Hyba the management of the battery. If it breaks, we’ll replace it. If it is obsolete, we’ll replace it.
  • Alternatively, if the End User wants to buy the battery, they will be able to do so too. That transaction will happen together with the sales of EVs. In this case, Hyba will offer the same services to these customers but they will be paid on top.
  • Since the battery system transfers the EV data to our central AI platform, Hyba will also sell market data/info to the EV OEM

The boost from EICMA

Definitely, we made the right choice to join this huge event in Milan.
With over 340k visitors, 29k operators (43% international), and 5+K btw journalists, influencers, and communication managers (35% international) is one of the biggest fairs in this space globally.
We have come into contact with many innovative realities and have brought home a lot of positive feedback. This has given us the energy to continue to innovate and achieve our goals.

The boost from EICMA

During and after EICMA, we received many inquiries that prompted us to take pre-orders. Therefore, our next steps will focus on accelerating the production and distribution of our PSS, in order to enable emission-free mobility as soon as possible.

Let’s keep in touch!